New York Fashion Week Street Style

Rather than bring you highlights from the various shows, we decided to pick out our favourite looks and emerging trends worn by the fashion world who attended this month's NYFW.


First off is the emerging trend of the belt bag (bum bag to some).  We actually like this trend as it's practical (always a plus) as well as looking good when worn with the right outfit.  The belt bag gets a thumbs up from us both.  

 Next is the red boot.  The colour red is huge this autumn and if a red dress is a bit too much for you, then the ideal way to insert this trend into your outfit is in either a handbag or footwear. I think you'll agree, these boots look fabulous worn with a floral dress.  A real statement piece. We both give the red boot a thumbs up.

On trend red boots

We love the Self-Portrait dresses worn by a number of fashion bloggers.  They are both feminine and stylish, and look amazing when worn with either a shoe or boot.  Lovely to see this style of dress amongst the weird and wacky!  Another thumbs up from us both.

 Another trend seen at NYFW was the string bag (the one your granny had).  This has been heralded as the new "It" bag by Harper's Bazaar UK and surely the most affordable way to update your wardrobe this autumn.  We can see a few drawbacks with this bag; items visible, smaller items falling through holes, getting wet in our fabulous climate, to name but a few.  However, if you're going for looks rather than practicality, pop a raincoat in and you're good to go!  We reserve judgement on the string bag.  

 The colour red.  As previously mentioned, red is BIG this autumn.  Here are a few pictures of how it can be worn.  If you're not a fan of the colour and wouldn't normally wear it, be daring and give it a go.  If a dress is too much, then go for just a top or red writing on a statement tee/sweater.  A massive thumbs up from us both for this trend.  

 The floral theme continues into autumn.  Floral dresses and skirts of any length and style are a key piece this autumn.  You can go for darker tones or wear your summer outfit with a jacket and boots, or pop a sweater on over the top.  Great to see a trend carrying on through to the next season - more wear for your pound which we all love!  Two thumbs up for florals.

Hope you've enjoyed our quick tour of NYFW and would welcome any comments or views on the trends that you like this autumn. 


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