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shop online

Why shop online rather than on the high street?  We can tell you a few reasons why from our own personal experience:

  • If you work all week and only have the weekends to shop, then you could be faced with fighting your way through crowds of shoppers or trying to dodge the dawdlers who appear to have all the time in the world, not like you who still has to clean the house, prepare dinner, take the kids to another social event, fit in some ironing and try to get to bed before midnight!
  • Busy shops often mean messy rails (we hate), missing sizes and then having to wait around for assistance.
  • Dare we mention the changing rooms! When you eventually make it to the front of the queue and finally step into a cubicle, now the fun begins.  Where to hang all the clothes you've selected to try, where to put your own clothes (prefer it not to be the floor) and to put your balancing/acrobatic skills to the test as you get changed trying not to fall against the adjoining cubicle.  Not to mention if you've got the "little darling" in toe who decides to open the curtain at the exact moment you are standing in your non matching underwear...arghhh!!! Also, why do you always look two sizes larger in the mirror and a ghostly pale colour.  If you know any changing rooms which have mirrors that actually flatter, we'd love to hear from you.  
  • You now feel like you've spent an hour in a sauna, but you're excited to purchase your chosen items, so you head to the tills to join yet another queue.
  • You can then repeat the above in another shop but you also now have the added burden of carrying your shopping bags.

I'm sure there's lots of you that can relate to the above, so why not give online shopping a try.  Just think of the positives:

  • No parking space to find or fee to pay.
  • Shop on any day or at any time to suit you - have a drink or bite to eat whilst browsing the rails!
  • Your purchases delivered to your lugging around shopping bags all day.
  • Try on items in the comfort of your own home which means no queuing, lots of space and your own mirror.

We're not saying never shop on the high street as it's always a stressful experience, we're just pointing out a few pros and cons of online shopping v high street, particularly as we all have limited free time in our hectic and busy lives.  We're all for making our life easier!







  • Miss C A Glover

    I most definitely second that emotion..all of the above! Hate hate hate shopping on the high street ? I particularly relate to looking twice the size in the mirror & overheating with the stress of undressing & dressing!! Thank you shopping online ?

  • Lucy

    Great post, made me laugh. So true about changing rooms!

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